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Aaaand here we go.

We are welcome you on our official bounty campaign section.

About Nutshell Exchange project

Nutshell project is a centralized exchange based on opensource code. Project was born as hybrid PoW/PoS cryptocurrency Interactive Decisions Chain on 2019 spring. We was worked with DEX version, but realized too much security issues and changed vector on other platform version. Exchange already running and works stable. With time passed with swapped IDChain coins into Nutshell Exchange Token (NSHT). We did it to stop support own blockchain which require time and resources. That was right decision.

About Nutshell Exchange Token (NSHT)

Nutshell Exchange Token will be used to provide perks and services to Nutshell Exchange users. Any it owner can exchange it to other cryptocurrencies. Nutshell ecosystem allow you to pay some services with this token. Tokens are placed on free sale which means you can buy or sell it. Earned tokens can be exchanged on Nutshell Exchange directly.

Tokens issued100 000 000 NSHT
Bounty campaignup to 50 000 000 NSHT
Free circulation30 000 000 NSHT
Reserve20 000 000 NSHT
Base price0,01 USD

About Nutshell Exchange Bounty Campaign

As and any other bounty campaign, our have various tiers which can be done by any participant. Because of Nutshell is an Exchange and not just a coin, we designed special tiers which is usually doesn't exists in other similar campaign. We also made common tiers. Main idea of this campaign - everyone will get profit if he will play fair. Let's start rock-n-roll.

This bounty campaign is a bit complicated by it process, but it would bring you profit if you do everything right way. 6 normal tiers and 2 special one. Special tiers are including awesome rewards for bounty hunters and we found it interested.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: any interaction with team and this campaign are going via our servicedesk system.

We designed special request type which is done via special form and contain all required fields to participate. Every application is going to be processed as trouble ticket and common reporting will be published in this section. It means you will be able to check your score and level in this campaign.

Common bounty campaign rules

  • To participate you have to register on Service Desk system, apply and be accepted by manager.
  • You have to provide a report by submitting it via Service Desk system at least once a week. Work done on a particular week must be reported on the same week. Belated reports will not be counted.
  • Stakes are calculated weekly based on the token amount allocated for this week. Check the full model of token distribution here.
  • Token distribution of a particular campaign might be adjusted towards a better performing campaign.
  • The adjustment might occur once a week on monday.
  • Tokens are distributed to participants monthly. First month weekly not later than Wednesday.
  • A week cycle starts on Monday 00:00 (CET).
  • A week cycle ends on Sunday 23:59 (CET). It’s the last day when you can submit report for that week.
  • Stacks are counted on Monday.
  • Participants have 2 days before the token distribution to file a complaint or correct provided report. Token distribution happens on Wednesday evening.
  • A participant should use the opportunity to verify their own stacks the same week, otherwise even in case of a manager's mistake we won't compensate for the mistake next week.
  • Bounty manager has a right to take 10% off of a hunter’s weekly stacks if the hunter is not following formatting rules in his weekly report.
  • You are allowed to create NSHT sell orders using Nutshell Exchange. Minimum action amount is according to Nutshell Exchange policy.
  • Until token is listen on an external exchange, base NSHT price will be set to 0,01 USD.
  • Follow us on social media to be intact with latest updates about Nutshell Exchange.
  • Weekly reports must be created as a separate ticket update. Overridden posts will not get counted.
  • A bounty hunter gets permanent and irreversible ban for any kind of cheating, spam, and misbehavior. Banned participant loses all earned stacks.
  • Users with red trust on are not allowed for participation.
  • Campaign lasts for seventeen weeks.
  • Make sure to apply for every campaign that you possibly want to participate. You will not be able to add campaign later on.
  • Join telegram group here.
  • Red trust accounts are not allowed.
  • Alt accounts are not allowed
  • A separate report must be published for every week on bitcointalk and over servicedesk system.
  • Stacks are counted on Monday.

To participate bounty campaign you need to be registered and/or joined following resources:


Here is most common tier in this campaign which is part of any bounty hunting campaign.

Here is difference comparing to others: we are going to check every post and any content like "Nutshell is a very promising project...." or "Such a nice project" and similar to this will be refused from participant scoring. We warn you now, to prevent any flame on this later.

Terms and conditions for tier 1

  1. Person who participate this tier of campaign need to apply for participation via servicedesk form. We are not using Google forms or any cloud forms. All Nutshell related stuff are hosted only on Nutshell resources. If some one ask you to "Apply" our bounty campaign via Google forms - this man is trying to scam you. Detailed information about registration and all related on it actions can be found as sub-articles of this section.
  2. During this tier you will get your own ticket in our system and by authentication on our Service Desk portal you will be able to update it and post reports there.
  3. Post replies or start discussions promoting Nutshell Exchange on different online websites that are directly or partially related to cryptocurrencies or blockchain. This can be local or international websites with active user base. Check out our available materials or ask questions in our Telegram group / Discord chat.

Tier 1 Rules

  • Make at least 15 posts a week on any crypto dedicated website.
  • Each post must be meaningful in the context of conversation.
  • Each post should promote Nutshell Exchange platform or emphasize at least one of its advantages.
  • Only posts on crypto relevant forums/topics are counted!
  • Each post will be assessed by our team member.
  • Each post will be assigned a rating form 0 up to 3 based on following criteria
    • Website popularity: Google Page rank, amount of traffic
    • Importance of conversation
    • Relevance of an answer
    • The way it promotes the platform
    • We leave the final assessment decision to our team members
  • Participant must provide a report with attached links to his posts at the end of each week.
  • Minimum length of a post is 140 characters.
  • Participate at least for one full week.
  • Generic replies such as: “Check out this cool project!”, “Guys, you should totally see it!” does not count.
  • Partial task completion
    • 0 - 4 posts → ¼ of full stakes
    • 5 - 9 posts → ½ of full stakes
    • Wrong formatting → 9/10 of full stakes
    • Not providing a report even with fully completed posts → ¼ of full stakes
  • Comply with website rules. If you get banned or penalized by recourse administration you wont get any reward.

   Tier 1 Rewards

   0 points - 0 NSHT tokens
   1 point - 250 NSHT tokens
   2 points - 500 NSHT tokens
   3 points - 750 NSHT tokens

On our decision and up to campaign progress we left ourself option to pay half amount in NSHT and half in ETH.


Well known bounty type for many participants. So how it works in Nutshell case:

  • Wear Nutshell Exchange signature before applying.
  • Make at least 10 posts a week.
  • Minimum gap between posts is 30 minutes.
  • Participant must provide a report with attached links to his posts at the end of each week.
  • Minimum length of a post is 140 characters.
  • Participate at least for one full week.
  • Each post must be meaningful in the context of conversation.
  • Generic replies such as: “great project!”, “keep on going!” does not count.
  • Partial task completion
    • 0 - 4 posts → ¼ of full stakes
    • 5 - 9 posts → ½ of full stakes
    • Wrong formatting → 9/10 of full stakes
    • Not providing a report even with fully completed posts → ¼ of full stakes
  • Comply with forum’s rules. If you get banned or penalized by forum administration you wont get any stakes.

Tier 2 Rules

You put required content (signature or avatar) and using it during whole time of bounty campaign. Campaign manager can made random check for joined bounty hunters and completely remove anyone who change signature/avatar on other and marked as active person on this campaign.

Tier 2 Rewards

    Jr.Member: 50 stakes/week
    Member: 100 stakes/week
    Full Member: 200 stakes/week
    Sr.Member: 350 stakes/week
    Hero/Legendary: 650 stakes/week

    Use our avatar to get extra 100 stakes/week

Content required for tier 2

 Avatar source

 Signatues sources
Jr. member
[center][b]NUTSHELL EXCHANGE[/b]
Exchange without any limits or KYC[/center]
[center]✦ [size=12pt][url=][font=nexa][b]NUTSHELL EXCHANGE[/b][/url][/size] ✦
[font=roboto]❝ [url=][b]Exchange without any limits or KYC[/b][/url] ❞[/font]
◈  ────────  [font=roboto][url=]Reddit[/url] ⬝  [url=] Bounty[/url] ⬝ [url=]Website[/url] ⬝ [url=]Telegram[/url] ⬝ [url=]Twitter[/url] ⬝ [url=]Discord[/url]  ────────  ◈ [/center]
Full member
[center]✦ [size=12pt][url=][color=#3C80EF][font=nexa][b]NUTSHELL EXCHANGE[/b][/color][/url][/size] ✦
[font=roboto]❝ [url=][color=black][b]Exchange without any limits or KYC[/b][/color][/url] ❞[/font]
[color=#1f2b43] ◈  ────────  [font=roboto][url=][color=black]Reddit[/url] ⬝  [url=][color=black] Bounty[/url] ⬝ [url=][color=black]Website[/url] ⬝ [url=][color=black]Telegram[/url] ⬝ [url=][color=black]Twitter[/url] ⬝ [url=][color=black]Discord[/url][color=#1f2b43]  ────────  ◈ [/center]
Senior member

  █████████        ████
  ██    █████      ████
        ██████     ████
        ████ ██    ████
        ████  ██   ████
        ████   ██  ████
 [color=#1f2b43]       ████    ██ ████
        ████     ██████
        ████       ████
        ████       ████
        ████       ████  ██
        ████       ████████

[td][center][url=][font=nexa][size=23px][b][color=#3C80EF][b]NUTSHELL EXCHANGE[/b][/size][/url]
[font=roboto][size=11pt][url=][color=black][b]Exchange without any limits or KYC[/b][/color][/url][/font][/td]

[color=#1f2b43]   [/size][/right][/td][td][/td]
[td][center]◈ ──[font=roboto][size=12px][color=#3C80EF][b] SOCIAL MEDIA [/b][/color] ─── ◈
[font=roboto][size=11px][color=#3C80EF]❏[/color] [url=][color=black]Reddit[/url] [color=#1f2b43]❏[/color] [url=][color=black]Bounty[/url] [color=#1f2b43]❏[/color] [url=][color=black]Website[/url]
[color=#1f2b43]❏[/color] [url=][color=black]Telegram[/url]  [color=#1f2b43]❏[/color] [url=
][color=black]Twitter [/url] [color=#3C80EF]❏[/color] [url=][color=black]Discord[/url][/td]
Hero and Legendary

  █████████        ████
  ██    █████      ████
        ██████     ████
        ████ ██    ████
        ████  ██   ████
        ████   ██  ████
 [color=#1f2b43]       ████    ██ ████
        ████     ██████
        ████       ████
        ████       ████
        ████       ████  ██
        ████       ████████

[td][center][url=][font=nexa][size=23px][b][color=#3C80EF][b]NUTSHELL EXCHANGE[/b][/size][/url]
[font=roboto][size=11pt][url=][color=black][b]Exchange without any limits or KYC[/b][/color][/url][/font][/td]

[color=#1f2b43]   [/size][/right][/td][td][/td]
[td][center]◈ ──[font=roboto][size=12px][color=#3C80EF][b] SOCIAL MEDIA [/b][/color] ─── ◈
[font=roboto][size=11px][color=#3C80EF]❏[/color] [url=][color=black]Reddit[/url] [color=#1f2b43]❏[/color] [url=][color=black]Bounty[/url] [color=#1f2b43]❏[/color] [url=][color=black]Website[/url]
[color=#1f2b43]❏[/color] [url=][color=black]Telegram[/url]  [color=#1f2b43]❏[/color] [url=
][color=black]Twitter [/url] [color=#3C80EF]❏[/color] [url=][color=black]Discord[/url][/td]


Simple and fast way to get your bounty. In this round we open bounty for translation exchange landing and core on most popular languages. On this moment core and landing already have English and Russian languages attached on it. However we are looking first of all for this translations:

  • Mandarin Chinese (1,117 million speakers)
  • Hindi (615 million speakers)
  • Spanish (534 million speakers)
  • French (280 million speakers)
  • Arabic (274 million speakers)
  • Bangla/Bengali (265 million speakers)
  • Portuguese (234 million speakers)
  • Indonesian (199 million speakers)
  • Urdu (170 million speakers)
  • German (132 million speakers)

This is most popular languages - top 10 without English and Russian. However we are not limit your translator potential and total languages packs will have 30 languages in it.

How to participate?

We are done special translator website for our needs.

You need to register there. A VERY IMPORTANT moment - you need to use exactly same email address like for ServiceDesk portal. If we will not found registration email in our ServiceDesk portal database, we will not credit your bounty points. With a high probability we will not correct this data by service request due to high support team load.

So what bounty assigned on this tier?

As we are using automated software solution for our translation - we can count everything there. This tier have 2 parts - translation and it verification. After first part will be done, we will open second one to verify that everything translated right way.

Translation bounty

1 NSHT for each word for top 5 languages from list above

2 NSHT for each word for top 6 - top 10 languages from list above

3 NSHT for each word for all remaining languages except English and Russian (they are already translated for trading app, but not for others projects).

Verification bounty

Equal to 50% of translation bounty. Each word will need verification by not less 2 and not more than 3 people.

What to translate?

There are few projects on translation site which are public open. All of them can be translated. Choose not transated slice and show your self.


And now lets start with really interested things in this campaign. Trading tier contains trading competition in it. It means that you need to trade at Nutshell Exchange. We do not put as required to use specific trading pair only. It can be any of it. Each week on Monday we will count statistics and put following bounty on paylist:

1st place - 300 000 NSHT (equal to 300 USD)

2nd place - 150 000 NSHT (equal to 150 USD)

3rd  place - 100 000 NSHT (equal to 100 USD)

Tier 4 Rules

Minimum trading amount for 7 days need to be not lower than 0,01 btc for total volume.

What else? Lets put referral sub-tier here

Get registered on the Nutshell Exchange trading application and receive your personal referral link. For each referred active user you will get up to 5.00 USD to ETH. How and where you want to share the link is purely up to you. Come up with your own unique way of sharing the link to make the maximum earning possible in this campaign. Be careful because rules of playing fare still do apply. Do not violate the rules of communities where you decide to share your link. For any sort of cheating, spam and misbehavior your account will be blocked.

Referral program rules

  • You can find your personal link under Profile tab.
  • Share the link with a friend.
  • For every registration get 0.50 USD in ETH/LTC/DOGE.
  • For every active you get additional 4.50 USD in ETH/LTC/DOGE.
  • An active user is a person who made at least one successful deal on Nutshell Exchange.
  • Earned funds are counted automatically, you don't have to update your ServiceDesk portal ticket.
  • Your Nutshell Exchange account need to be confirmed with cellular number.

You can find information about how to get your referral ID in FAQ or most common questions sub-section.

Please pay attention to notice that we will pay referral payments in ETH, LTC or DOGE depending on current available volume.

More bounty? Yes, please!

To force people interest level we will process cashback on this tier. Each 2 weeks on monday we will roll the dice and depending on random generator pay as cash back random % of trade volume (not more than 75% from total week volume per person) to our traders. Mechanics description: we take total amount of traders and roll the dice first time to get value of people for processing (value can not be higher than 15% of total users registered on Nutshell Exchange). Next roll will chose users by its Nutshell ID with amount limit from first roll. Next roll will random cash back from 0 to 75% for each chosen in second roll user. Cash back winners and amounts will be reported in related section, funds will be sent to Nutshell Exchange accounts. We allow us to convert amount in different from original currency on convertion date and time rate. We allow us to pay half of that amount in NSHT. Funds received with cashback bounty are not applied with any limits and available for withdrawal since they are confirmed by blockchain.


And here is another special tier. We already did various promo events for listing new currencies and tokens. However we going to add one more. This tier have special rules on it.

Listing price on it is equal to 50 000 NSHT and limit listing process to Bitcoin pair only. As a bonus with a half price we are ready to process listing for second pair like ETH, LTC, DOGE or USDT. 

To get this listing NSHT for it processing need to be bought on Nutshell Exchange and transferred to wallet located in listing form. In 6.1 you need to put promo code BOUNTY or BOUNTYX2 depending on your decision. In 8.1 you need to put your Nutshell ID. 

What is difference to normal or any promo listings?

We will charge back you this process. Any approved listings will participate in roll dice on each Monday. Depending on it result it will get 25, 50, 75 or even 100% of amount in NSHT which you will receive on your wallet posted in 7.5

Additional we will roll dice one more time and hold a drawing for full BOUNTYX2 for every person who participate this tier. 


This tier is long term with 2 weeks cycle based bounty. As you can propose, we have powerful reporting tools for Nutshell, so we see everything and have big opportunities to analyze that data. We decide to made this tier for holders. Nutshell Exchange Token holders.

You buy Nutshell Exchange Tokens and hold it till end of this year. Each month you getting your profit.

Tier 6 Rules

This tier is working only for 5 top holders. All amounts are showing in percents from global income - fees from trading operations and withdrawals.

As you can see on chart and table below - top 1 holder getting 10% of Nutshell Income in September, 9% in October and e.g.

We calculate and processing payments in every currency which is listed on Nutshell Exchange and participate in trading operations.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This tier expire on December 24, on December 25 this year Nutshell will buyback that token amount by market price +3%. We reserve option to continue this tier on different terms in 2021 year after we process buyback. We also can continue this tier not in Bounty Campaign mode.

Payments by this tier are processing each 2 weeks and scheduled over our public calendar located on our Crypto Lounge community.

Tier 6 Rewards

Table Filter Plugin license is not active, please generate a trial license or purchase the product.

Your levelSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember


Tier 7 Twitter Rules

  • Follow Nutshell Exchange official twitter account.
  • Use form to apply for participation.
  • Account should be public and active.
  • Only one account per user is allowed.
  • You must have real followers and pass bot audit.
  • Violation of bct or twitter rules will lose you stacks.
  • Make 2 tweets and 3 retweets a week.
  • Press like before retweeting.
  • If there is a task mentioned in a post you must finish it before retweeting.
  • Minimum gap between tweets/retweets 18 hours.
  • Tweets must contain the next hashtags: #nutshell #nutshellexchange #bitcoin #crypto #blockchain #trade #exchange #campaign #cryptocurrency
  • Submit weekly report not later than Sunday 23:59 (UTC +3).

Tier 7 Twitter Rewards

     500+ Followers = 150 Stakes/week
     1500+ Followers = 250 Stakes/week
     4000+ Followers = 450 Stakes/week
     10000+ Followers = 700 Stakes/week

Tier 7 Twitter Avatar

 use this avatar to get extra 200 stakes/week

Tier 7 Check your post or mention here

Tier 7 Linked In Rules

  • Follow official linkedin company page - available now.
  • Follow project CTO and be connected with him.
  • Accounts should be public and active.
  • Violation of linkedin rules will lose you stacks.
  • Make 2 posts and 3 reposts a week.
  • Press like before reposting.
  • If there is a task mentioned in a post you must finish it before reposting.
  • Minimum gap between posts/reposts 18 hours.
  • Posts must contain the next hashtags: #nutshelll #nutshellexchange #bitcoin #crypto #blockchain #trade #exchange #campaign #cryptocurrency
  • Submit weekly report not later than Sunday 23:59 (UTC +3).

Tier 7 Linked In Rewards

     500+ Followers = 150 Stakes/week
     1000+ Followers = 250 Stakes/week
     2000+ Followers = 500 Stakes/week
     4000+ Followers = 750 Stakes/week
     6000+ Followers = 1000 Stakes/week


Special campaign is tier without participants and based on it total amount.

We will open following features depending on active bounty campaign participants:

500 participants - we will apply CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap listing immediately

1000 participants - we will open XRP asset and pairs related on it

2000 participants - we will open TRON and it based tokens

2500 participants - welcome Stallar and other custom chains on our platform

3000 participants and we will process special airdrop and assign 30 market makers slots with minimal possible fee. All slots will be without any expiration or limits.

Events for targets 500, 1000, 2000 and 2500 are scheduled, but if we will reach this levels - we will force them.


Bounty campaign without airdrop is not bounty campaign at all. We also will process some airdrops and token rains. How we will do that? With a roll a dice, again. 

First roll - chose participant list for airdrop - which tier participants will receive it.

Second roll - airdrop per user amount - from 1 to 300 NSHT.

Third roll - random drop on users from winner tier. Users will be chosen by random.

Airdrop report will be published on WIKI server in related section.

We going to process at least one airdrop per week. We expect to process it every Friday at 22:00 CET, but depending on participants amount we can reschedule it to another day. To get nearest airdrop date - check our bounty calendar.


This tier is similar to tier 8 by it nature, but different in details. Conditions of it open and benefits from it are following:

  • total week trade volume breaches 5 BTC - we will process ETH or DOGE airdrop to all active Nutshell users. Under active user we understand user who did atleast one purchase or sale on Nutshell Exchange.
  • total week trade volume breaches 10 BTC - we will roll the dice and 3 of 30 most active traders will win lifetime maximum license for Quantower Trading Platform and add Nutshell Exchange on it.
  • 100 % of all projects - translated and verified we will process massive ETH or DOGE airdrop to all active Nutshell users. Under active user we understand user who did atleast one purchase or sale on Nutshell Exchange.


Barney: LEGENDARY!! (How i met your mother)

Legends are everything. They pass through time with a steely gaze and carry the past into the present. We respect Legends and welcome any of them for collaboration and work together. Any of Bitcointalk or any other resource who have that status can contact us via email and we more than sure that we will become partners on long-term basis. Please tell us in your letter how you can be useful to the project. What are your strengths and sides.

Contact us at [email protected]

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